Struggles and Successes: The United States of America

The United States has seen much conflict in her long history. Not just conflict through war, but conflict of the mind, body, and souls of her peoples. Through arduous trials of history, and the combats of life - The United States have bread a habit for success. These images are examples of these: the struggles, and successes, in the endeavors of this great nation. 

President Abraham Lincoln's address following the great battle of Gettysburg during the Civil War, proves to be as applicable today as it did then. I proudly display a copy of this sacred piece of paper on my wall for all to see.
J.F.K. was undoubtedly one of the most praised leaders of the 20th century. He is credited with leading the nation through some of the most difficult hours of the Cold War, he initiated the drive to put an American man on the moon, and urged his countrymen to "ask not what their country may do for them, but for what they may do for their country."
Taken from the Apollo 8 mission to orbit the Moon and return to Earth safely, this highlights the pinnacle of human and American innovation. Famously, the astronauts of this mission read from the Book of Genesis on Christmas Eve of 1968 while watching the Earthrise - bringing forth the realization that even if we had traveled to such great distances to study something foreign, we only found that we were only studying ourselves and our own planet.
One of the darkest moments of the Nation's history, the Great Depression undoubtedly is the beginning of the America we see today - a large Federal state who reaches all corners of the country.
Signifying the struggles and successes of the American Revolution, George Washington's crossing of the Delaware river in the night to attack British troops became a turning point in the war, as the Rebel American force was proving to be more difficult to beat then the Redcoats had expected.
Depicting Federal troops engaged in combat during operations in the Civil War, the years between 1861 and 1865 framed the unified Nation we live in today. They say that before the Civil War, people would say, "the United States ARE." It was only after that the reference was, "The United States IS."
A founding father of the Nation, Thomas Jefferson advocated the duty of the leaders of the Nation were to protect and support the small-time farmers and rural peoples of the country. He believed it was the individual, not large cooperatives, that made America.
In 1776, a few men got together at this location and signed a document, which was grounds for treason, which gave me the freedoms I enjoy daily simply because of where I was born. Knowing what this represents brings me pride like nothing else.
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