Mysterious Ways of color

This collection is all about the presentation of color, and how it moves through the pieces chosen. From warm to cool colors these pieces are brought to life. The pieces of art you will see in this collection are the top picks to represent color. 

This piece "Swamp Landscape" doesn't have much color it's mostly black. But, what I really noticed was the sky in the background. The chosen warm colors of orange and yellow makes the landscape stand out.
What I really liked about this piece was how strong and powerful the waves look. There seems to be a balance of color, which really recreates the storm.
What got my attention in the piece was the color of the tutus. The red, orange, and yellow create a happy moment. The colors really make the viewers understand what the dancers were feeling before the performance.
What I really like about this one is how realistic it looks. The rolling mountains, sky, and rocks are beautiful. Also, I like how you have to look close to notice sheep and man in the painting. The use of color and contrast is what makes this painting look so realistic.
The reason I chose this one is because of the tree in the center of the painting. It's the focal point of the painting, and the reason for that. In my opinion, is because of the color or light used behind the tree to really make it noticeable.
I really like this piece. First off, it is atmospheric, and the colors used are cool colors. But, when you look in the far off distance their is a sight of light, like there is another world over there. That pop of color is what I think to be so unique.
This painting is a splash of color, and that's what I like about it. I like how the use of color with the tutus blend in the the dancers surroundings, and background. Also, I like the little brightness of the color yellow to make certain things stand out.
I have always like the colors Georgia O'Keeffe uses. The colors are like pastel colors, which are different. Her paintings are always so bright and well balanced.
Why I chose this piece was because I really like the use of the color lavender. I think this painting is absolutely beautiful.
This one is simple and plain, but unique. I like how she chose the background to be black and gray to make the calla lily stand out. This allows viewers to understand what type of flower this is.
This piece does not have much color as well. The reason why I chose this one was because of the good use of light and dark contrast. The sky is what really drew my attention to this painting.
I like how the color is used in this piece by Claude Monet. Instead of the lilies being their regular color green, he puts fun into them. By adding different colors to make the lilies is why I chose this.
There are so many uses of color in this painting. Which is what really had drawn me to this one. The blues not just in the river, but in the trees really gives it the feel of a river landscape. That's what I like about this one.
This one is like a Japanese print. To me there is a lot of neutral colors, except for the flower itself. The flower is a pretty purple, and I really liked that about this painting.
This painting is like an explosion of color. I really like this one, because of the way the strokes are and how the colors come together to form a vase of flowers.
Credits: All media
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