This galley will feature the Greek history of the gods and goddess from Greek mythology.

This is a great remarkable painting that displays some of the Greek and Roman gods sitting together witnessing Jupiter abandoned her love for Venus as she falls and loves with Minerva, with the astonishment of the other pagan gods enjoying the amusement. This is a rare painting from the early 1590s. This painting was draw by artist Hans Von Aachen; a famous renaissance painter from the 1590s that had the idea to crafted this painting to showcase the god’s human characteristic of having emotions.
This artistic painting is call Olympic series, sailing. In Greek mythology Poseidon was known as the god of the sea, earthquakes and horses. Poseidon is also a supreme god of Mount Olympus, who is also the brother of Zeus and Hades. This remarkable paint was painted the famous artist Hans Erni. Erni was one that had the idea to paint Poseidon as he stand in the sea watching the flow through the sea. A well balanced painting that displays great color and texture.
This is another great balanced painting that showcase Jupiter and Io. During the Greek and Roman mythology Io fled from Jupiter and Zeus the king of the gods summoned almighty powerful dark clouds day to the Earth to keep the desirable Io from escaping by seducing her in to hide the secrecy of Zeus wife being jealous. The painting displays great amount of dark shading that blends together very nicely with the colors that artist Antonio Allegri crafted to showcase the passion between Io and Zeus within the dark clouds.
During the time period of 430 B.C. the great famous artist Pheidias created a colossal statue of the Greek god Zeus. In the Greek mythology Zeus is known as the ruler of the sky and the king of the Gods as he is the ruler of throne at Olympia. Zeus is also known as the god of thunder ruler of the great a powerful thunderbolt that wields within his hand. This statue displays Zeus siting on his throne holding something with his right hand, but the statue was damage, as it seems that Zeus could be holding his mighty thunderbolt.
This is a famous Roman statue of the powerful half god known as Hercules. Despite being a full god Hercules is known to be a powerful mortal that is strong and powerful as god. During the time of Greek mythology, Hercules was a great warrior and hero towards Olympus as he defeated the giants that came towards Olympus during the time ancient Greek. This is a unique statue that shows Hercules standing tall with his club beside him.
Here lies the statue of the winged child-god of love that sleeps silently on a lionskin cloth. This is another rare famous Greek sculpture from Greek mythology. This is the statue of the god of love known as Cupid. Cupid is the god that brings attraction and affection to the other gods. He is also known as the son of the love goddess Venus. The sculptor is a well structure statue and firmly detailed as Cupid body is mostly use as decoration for fountains and ornaments.
This is another famous rare Greek sculptor of the young goddess of youth known as Hebe. During the Greek mythology Hebe job and duty was pour the drink of immortality for the other Greek gods that were in Olympus. Hebe was put in charge of the task to keep the drink of immortality from not spilling as each drop was very precious to the gods.
Here lies another rare sculptor of the young woman representing Diana. In Greek mythology Diana is also known, as Artemis the goddess of wild animals and of hunting. Diana is also the daughter of Zeus and Leto and the twin of her brother Apollo. Here you see Diana standing with her bow an arrow, as she is best know for hunting archery skills as a hunter.
Here lies another rare Greek sculpture of the young man representing Apollo. Apollo is the twin brother of Artemis and also the son of Zeus and Leto. Apollo is one of the most stunning of the gods as he is the most famous from being a herdsman towards the gods as being their lead roman leader over men because of his eloquence and wisdom.
Here is another Greek sculpture from the Greek mythology as the man best known as the god of war. Mars is the god of war who unleashed his slashing sword towards the battlefield of war as he strike down his foes with sword using his right hand. In the sculpture you see Mars standing tall in his dragon armor to symbolize how fearsome his powerful strength is once he meet his foes towards the battlefield.
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