Natural Nature - Taylor Tackitt

This art gallery brings together 10 oil on canvas paintings that are some of the my favorite realistic depictions of nature I've seen through the medium.

This painting by Albert Beirstadt depicts the green hills and flowing river near the newly constructed California capitol building. The wide view of the landscape and towering sky complimented by Beirstadt style of the acute color shading, and amazing lighting techniques make this painting a perfect fit for this gallery.
Duncanson paints this depiction of cattle drinking from a lake, as the large mountain looms in the background. As with the other paintings in this gallery Duncanson eloquently depicts the rural setting.
Johannes Hendrik Weissenbruch painted this beautiful rural landscape near Schiedam Netherlands. It depicts a farmer sanding near a windmill on a clear blue-sky day. While his cattle graze around him and the creek flows next to them. This painting, though a little harsher in terms of brush stroke than the other paintings in this collection, still exhibits masterful qualities of color and displays the open landscape in this part of the Netherlands.
As the title subjects, this is a painting of the Sierra Nevada in California. Another amazing oil painting by Albert Bierstadt painting a scene of deer standing near a lake, waterfalls rolling and the sun bursting through the clouds illuminating the scene in magnificent light. Like other paintings in this art gallery, this painting depicts a landscape, nature at its most brilliant. While showing the viewer a place they probably have never been or may never go. But that is the beauty of many art forms; taking viewers to places they have never been or places they’d want to go.
A little change of from the rest of the gallery however it is still a painting of nature; the landscape and nature of a city, a city on the brink of or within the beginnings of the industrial revolution. With the painting showing the new buildings being constructed in the city due to business and an influx of new citizens.
This painting was a gift to Mr. and Mrs. In 1909. The painting show the White Mountains, normally covered with snow in other parts of the year, in autumn. With a small creek and the whole landscape covered in green lushest colors. Another great painting of a rural countryside.
This pretty European landscape show a group of very merry people dancing near a lake and the ruins of some stone building as the sun goes down. Populated with a mountain, a ‘greek-esk’ building on the hilltop and an aqueduct this painting by Thomas Cole is a great one.
Lovely painting by Asher Durand, showing kids playing, workers toying, fishers fishing, lovers meeting and an old man looking on. Many a things a small but growing town has to offer. All this while a sun rises and irradiates the whole landscape, lighting up the green greens of the trees and grass, and shimmering off the glassy water. Another eye gazing sunlit nature scene of beauty.
Frederic Edwin Church painted this piece of art, depicting the city of Jerusalem as viewed from the Mount of Olives. The sun shines down upon the city and dusty hills of the Middle Eastern landscape. Giving the city an ethereal look and feel, as a party of people are seen walking toward the old city. Utilizing mostly tan shades of color and a few patches of green and other colors here and there. The artist used this select range of color to starkly contrast the arid/colorless surrounding and the bright colorful city. Adding more to the ethereal feel and making it another fine addition to the gallery.
This wonderful artwork by Thomas Cole, that paints the picture of a large manor and land. Filled with tall trees, clear blue sky and maintained grounds. Cole uses bright vibrant yellow colors to evict the fall season within the viewers. The beauty of the nature is the centerpiece of this painting making it a great addition to the gallery.
Credits: All media
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