Virgil Van Pelt - Nature's Patterns and Textures

Gallery produced for my Art History Class in Full Sail University -  Chosen is different mediums showing the textures and patterns on animals and landscape as shown by these talented artists.

It takes skill to be able to draw such realistic looking fur and make the image look 3-D on a two dimensional medium.
This panel is stained glass. It has the effect of shadow and light patterns like you would see in an actual forest scene with sunlight streaming through the leaves and trees. Each piece is dappled and has an almost realistic look when taken in the whole picture.
This artist's drawing of the cats in different sleeping positions reminds me of my cats. You can just imagine the softness of their fur, and the firmness of their muscles under that fur. You can see the texture of it being represented in the drawing.
This artist used the raven as his/her? main focus. One also sees a frog, a person, and masks in the carving. This artist carved the feathers around the raven's head and hair on the person.
The artist's lithograph portrays the softness of the cats' fur as well as the pattern of the fur. The hills in the background shows that it is an outdoor scene.
This is a planographic print, which is a lithograph with applied watercolors. There is nice detail with the pattern on the ocelot's fur with the use of watercolors to make it and the trees seem to pop out.
This artist was a fine metal worker that made the earrings. You can see the cat's fur pattern etched into the gold. And each little round ball on the outside edge is actually a tiny little cat's heads.
The artist's use of drawing and painting in pastels and water color makes the bear seem three dimensional and realistic along with the braided pattern of the ropes used to try and capture the bear. The texture is very well rendered on this.
Another by Audubon, his rendering of the landscape texture and the sheep is well done. You can see the fur along the spine of the animal stick up like it dose even on domestic goats.
I still say that the fox is in a play position while eating his captured rodent. This artist is able to convey with his painting the softness texture of the fur while also the cold and frozen harshness of the winter landscape.
Credits: All media
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