Red = Power+Emotion

Red is not only my favorite color, but I strongly believe it is the most important color for humans. The Color Red sparks many different emotions for us. It is used for Stop Signs on the street as a color that will always catch your attention. The Color Red is synonymous with Romance (roses, red lip-stick), Adventure as most sports cars come in Red. Also Red can symbolize change as leaves turn Red when the seasons change. Red is used to illustrate many emotions like Anger, Love, and Fear.

I really like the darker red used and the textures make it really pop out.
The figures in the painting do not have faces or heads so it leads me to believe that the Red in this painting is symbolizing pain or anger.
I like hot Red is almost used like a filter in this painting for emphasis and blends well with the other colors.
Here I love how Red is used only as a accent color to again provide emphasis and make the picture stand out and draw your attention.
The Red cape over the horse in the picture really tends to draw your attention more than the actual horse it is wrapped around.
I really fell in love with the textures used, and although the painting is mostly a bright Yellow, I am drawn towards the vibrant Red in the top right corner, it really steals the show for me.
This is such a simple painting but at the same time complex. I feel the artist used the darker greens and grays only to make the vibrant "Red Dot" stand out even more almost hypnotizing you.
One of the more busier painting, but the bright Red's used in the clothing help you to focus on what is going on in the painting.
A simple but beautiful abstract painting. I love the darker Red's used each shade blends very well.
In this painting Red is used to show things like Danger, Pain, Anger and Violence. It gives you the impression that something bad happened.
I almost feel like I am Inside of the picture and the Red in this painting is much calmer in the painting making me feel safe.
Again I feel the Red is used to show that something could be wrong or a sense of danger, the vibrant Red catches your eye right away.
Instantly I think of "Little Red Riding Hood" a saturated Red to make the painting pop out at you. Give me a sense of exploration.
Simply beautiful to say the least. Again I love the prospective of the painting again I feel like I am inside the the painting actually in the Meadow myself.
Another beautifully designed abstract painting, The Red is not too dark in this painting vibrant enough to make you turn your head when passing by.
I love the design, I almost feel like I am looking into a Kaleidoscope and it is quite mesmerizing.
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