Different suppers

The theme I choose is religion, to be more specific I choose The Last Supper. Have you ever seen different artworks on the same topic at the same time? This album collects 10 different excellent pieces of this famous story. It is easy and interesting to compare different work with the same topic. 

This is a black and white photography of The Last Supper from Leonardo da Vinci. The reason why it surprises people is he used Liner Perspective, and characters were the same size with real people,
In this painting, all people are on the other side of the table except one person. The halos around the heads is the symble of holiness, which is a type of Iconic Representation.
The people around the table all face to the man in the middle. A highlight behind the man sitting in the middle attracts attention. The Value of it creates the illusion of light and shadow.
The man in the central is sharing bread and grape juice. His arms and peoples sitting around him build an asymmetrical balance. But the background presents a symmetrical balance at the same time.
This is a part of a glass window, the pattern on it shows Jesus sitting with his disciples. The light come through those Split Complementary colors and creates the spiritual nature atmosphere.
In this drawing, 5 people are sitting on the both sides of Jesus, but people on the left side occupy more space than people on the right side of Jesus. This creates an asymmetrical balance of the whole.
Jesus is on the left of the painting, people surround table are dress in green and red. The artist uses Triadic colors to express a stable but contrast situation. It just matches this story.
The whole drawing is showed in a circular frame, and in the middle of it is the table surrounded by people. Meanwhile, people themselves create another circle, which adds rhythm and balance in it.
This is a wooden sculpture of the story. We could see dishes on the table from the horizontal direction. Besides, the arrangement and movement of people create a sense of rhythm and asymmetrical balance.
It's a lookup angle to show people sitting next to the table. The painter uses Linear perspective- two point, which enriches the whole painting. The using of Triadic colors satisfied human eyes.
Credits: All media
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