Composition in Art

The use of balance, unity, movement, rhythm, focus, contrast and proportion.

The curvature in the lines in the water shows movement. As well as the haziness. The movement is too fast and too real to fully capture the detail.
The background in The Scream shows rhythm in the waters as well as the sky. The way his body is shaped makes the strange and eerie rhythm of the painting travel upwards along with the scenario.
The Starry Night is a perfect example of movement in a still painting. The flow of the curves in the sky gives off a sense flow. The lines in the mountains also contributes to that movement, making the overall art piece travel towards the right.
This painting by de Maistre is the epitome of rhythm. The repeated lines, shapes and colors adds to the element of rhythm.
The composition in this painting is composed of movement and rhythm because of the lines used. The waves seems so real.
This painting has a lot of unity, a qualification of composition. All the pieces in this painting seem to fit together: the rocks, the waves and the sky.
The composition in this painting consists of lines that show movement and unity. The way the painting is portrayed shows hierarchy, adding to the element of balance.
The curvature of the main focus of the painting shows movement, since the subject matter is dancing.
Monet created mist and waves in this painting that contribute to the composition. There is also proportion in the mountains, the people, and the ocean.
The way the people are placed within von Stocks art piece shows that there is movement and rhythm. The clouds also have a sense of movement. It's almost as if there is wind in this scene.
The lines in the grass as well as the clouds makes the composition of this painting very real and creates movement.
This painting has contrast and movement. The dark shadows and bright lighting as well as the movement in the ocean creates the composition.
Cezanne's painting shows unity. Everything in this belongs with each other.
The contrast in this painting with the use of dark shadows and bright lighting is a function of composition.
The Pont-Neuf shows proportion within composition. Everything in this painting is proportioned correctly in relation to each other. It creates depth and realism.
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