The Landscapes/Natural Wonders of the United States of America

This art gallery is to show some of the many natural wonders in the United States of America. The gallery will mainly consist of paintings with a few pictures of the natural landscape. Another theme from this gallery includes a rivers and bodies of water that are a noticeable part of this exhibit. I hope these art pieces are to your liking.

This painting of lake Winnepesaukee shows a peaceful part of nature with a beautiful background of mountains that lend to the overall pleasing part of this painting.
This stunning portrait of bluebonnets near San Antonio, TX show a beautiful flower field that gust keeps flowing throughout the painting like a sea of endless blue.
This art piece shows a beautiful view from Staten Island and how much of it was farmland in the mid 1800's and the amazing view that you had even in the past.
I chose this piece mainly for its spectacular features and how for as long as humans have know of it millions have visited its location just to see the natural wonder and stand in amazement.
This breathtaking painting of Niagara Falls shows the power and might of nature as the river continues to carve into the earth and provides a popular tour site even in the modern era.
This art piece is just one of many mountains that are in the United States of America with many waterfalls and a breathtakingly beautiful view.
I chose this art piece to show the power of a single river that carved out billions of tons of sediment and earth to give this spectacular sight for millions to enjoy each year.
This art piece shows a vast forest of hundreds of feet tall trees that are giants compared to the scale of the common trees that grow elsewhere around the world and cars are able to drive through them
Credits: All media
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