The beautiful landscapes of Italy- Jose Gonzalez

This art gallery includes paintings from some of the well-known artist from 1600-1800's. I wanted to show different landscapes across Italy, as well as highlight the different perspectives taken by each artist. 

In this landscape the Zuccarelli shows woman and children on a typical day, my framing the woman and children on the lower right hand corner the artist creates depth as well as scale, He made the foreground dark and the background lighter creating a sense of space and distance between the people the mountains.
This Roman landscape is rich with earthy tones, the trees to the left and right provide balance and scale. On the foreground you can see the shadow of the trees providing shade to the locals as well as their horse.
In this landscape is dominated by a beautiful tree in the center of the composition, of the right there's a castle nicely detailed, to the left you can see people who seem to be returning to the dock after a long day at sea.
This landscape of rich with deep greens, yellows creating a beautiful contrast. on the foreground a bridge is visible as well as a building on the bottom right. By adding a highlight to the mountain in the center on the painting the artist creates a separation giving it balance and depth.
This landscape evokes the feeling a peace and tranquility, the colors are somewhat muted, the white on the foreground draws your attention the couple who are enjoying this majestic view of the harbor. on the horizon way in the distance, a mountain comes into view. On the left side people appear to be taking in the view from a balcony.
This is one of my favorite images of early, Venice. My attention is immediately drawn to the green water that the gondolas seem to be gliding on. The church on the right-hand side stands tall and in great detail. The woman on the left appears to be leaning over the balcony paying close attention to her surroundings.
This landscape depicts a painter capturing the beauty of the town of the Tivoli which is shown in the distance. It evokes the feeling of a perfect afternoon the air is cool and they can almost feel the mist from the waterfall just to the left. The orange tones with specs of white create a wonderful contrast to the trees and the mountains.
The enormous trees in the center of the paint create scale, on the lower left goatherders, are attempting to steer the goats into the path around the trees. Using different shades of green and some yellow and brown tones this forest come alive.
This painting captures a sunrise in Tiber. In the horizon, bright yellow is used to give the sensation of a sunrise, in the foreground people appear to be laboring. In the distance, you can see the great city of Rome.
This watercolor painting has lots of great details. on the foreground, people are shown in the lower right-hand corner running they appear to be hunting as the scene shows the following dogs. The trees on the lower right are made smaller to appear in the distance creating depth and space.
Credits: All media
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