Ancient Egyptian art Gallery

I have chosen the theme of Ancient Egypt. From tomb art to jewelry to statues, ancient Egypt had a very prominent style. This style is very interesting and spans over 3000 years. While there was a brief change during the Akhenaten reign, the art remains true to the same form for centuries. In my gallery, I attempted to explore a vast array of objects.

Metjeti is shown here later in life, which can be concluded by his larger torso and long kilt, usually worn by a senior official. This statue was created during the Ancient Egyptian 'Old Kingdom'.
This Ancient Egyptian necklace was believed to be created in the New Kingdom. Not much else is known about this beautiful artifact.
This is the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol for 'heart'. We can infer that the Egyptians had better knowledge of animal organs than human organs, since this is indeed an animal heart.
Mummification originated around 900 BC and this is the mummy case of the priest Panehsy. Since the afterlife was very important to ancient Egyptians, we can see hieroglyphs describing sustainability.
The priest Ankhhor worked in the temple dedicated to the war gods. Here we see him mummified in the fashion of the time period. He was buried in a mass grave, along with the other priests of Montu.
This amulet was used during ritual dances done by the priests and priestesses during cult ceremonies. It was created as a protective pendant dedicated to certain gods and goddesses.
This is a bronze figurine depicting the goddess Bastet with a cat head and collar. It is well known that cats were an intricate part on ancient Egypt and were very important to them.
This amulet dates from the Ptolemaic period in ancient Egypt. These types of amulets symbolize the flight to different realms and were used in burials for centuries.
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