Out of this world art

My gallery is comprised of artwork that depicts ancient gods and goddesses. The reason I choose this topic is from the time man was able to look up into the sky and know there is something up there, they have expressed their thoughts throughout art and storytelling, and that is what is appealing to me, not the fact that it promotes someone's wealth or power, rather that it captures my imagination, and makes me want to know "what's next".  All of the planets, except for Earth, were named after Greek and Roman gods and goddesses. Jupiter, Saturn, Mars,  Venus, and Mercury were given their names thousands of years ago. The other planets were not discovered until after telescopes were  invented. Mercury was named after the Roman god of travel. Venus was named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty. Mars was the Roman god of war. Jupiter was the king of Roman gods, and Saturn was the Roman god of agriculture. Uranus was named after an ancient Greek King of the gods. Neptune was the Roman god of the sea. Pluto was the Roman god of the underworld. 

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