Greek Goddess: WHitney East

This is a display of Greek Goddess art I chose. In this presentation I will be expressing what I saw when I looked at the piece with a little background information. There is also more detailed information on the art's history of the image link, just in case your interest. :) ENJOY

At the end of researching all these different Greek Goddess I am truly happy with what I learned myth logically or not, learning about the Greek culture intrigues me. All these sculptures or carvings had meaning and showed movement on a monumental scale. 

Goddess of Athena Athena was the goddess of many different things. She is the goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, art and much more. She is more known for her skill set in warfare. This piece is a marble life size head of Athena. The artist used the element for from giving the art a 3D dimensional look he also used great textural in the hair making it look very realistic.
In this art of Artemis the goddess of the hunt, the artist used a mosaic style. Using different stones with different values in the body to make it stand out from the light background color. He used these values so well you can even see the detail in her face how she is blushing.
This is a marble sculpture of Hygeia the Goddess of physical and mental health. In the second images you can see that Hygeia has a different perspective by the turning of her head. Nikos Sofialakis is known to have created this piece he is own of the most known artist of the 4th century B.C.
Demeter the goddess of the harvest and fertility of earth, this is a frontal facial profile statue. In the picture she is wearing a headdress called a high polo. Her face still has traces of white leaving believers she may have been apart of a statue. The artist did a great job on her hair in my opinion. How you can see each curly texture so vividly and how he even caught the little details by putting the holes in her ear to show she wore earrings.
This is another piece of the Goddess Artemis with a different style she is created out of marble this time not a mosaic. Showing you how much she was worshiped there are all kinds of mediums of her. Her temple was one of the Seven Wonders of the World. This is one of her most different pieces because in the sculpture she is holding sacrificed bull testicles, which I would have never been able to tell by just looking at that picture. I honestly thought they where role staffs or even spears. Down at the bottom are two dows for a sign of liberation.
This is a balustrade statue of the Goddess Nike, wing god of victory. A balustrade is a vertical supporting beam for a temple or structure. In this piece you can see how the goddess body form is bending over by the detail of the drapes on her contour body and also by the line work. I think he capture her movement very well in this sculpture. You can even see the detail work he added on the muscles show how the natural body flexes as it bends or squats.
The Statuette of Venus is one of the most famous statues ever made. Venus was the goddess of love, sex, fertility and even prostitution. In this piece it portrays that the goddess Venus was undressing before a bath. The harmony of this statue really captures Venus’s personality. The statue is made of marble and is 97.2 x 33 x 20.3 cm (38 1/4 x 13 x 8 in.)
In this statue of the Goddess Colossal, I noticed how the artist used thick bold flowing contoured lines in the hair, dress, and the face portrays a stern but dramatic tone. Her medium is White Marble with grey veining and h. 86.2 cm., w. 40.6 cm., d. 26.8 cm. (33 15/16 x 16 x 10 9/16 in. in size.
The goddess Athena sitting resting on a rock depicts her seated on a rock to the far right after a triumphant battle. Delicate flowing lines create a dramatic but contrasting tone. Her head and arm is almost entirely broken away. The seated Athena is a popular type in late fifth- and early fourth-century. This is also another Balustrade slab work of art.
Aphrodite the goddess of love, Leaning on a Pillar is wearing a large flower wreath headdress and semi nude to depict her sensuality seductiveness. The sculpture still has some broken colour of red on the statue with terracotta with polychromy as the medium.
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