emotion conveyed through color

This gallery is a tour de force of how color is used to express emotion in the most engrossing fashion, where you need no words to internalize the idea being portrayed. 

This surreal composition invites you to stay a bit longer taking in the details, thanks to the use of cool green tones with accents of blues and reds for good measure, it all comes together to draw you into the curious situation of this female interacting with her living hair, which has bird qualities and may take flight any moment.
With very little the artist manages to present a the depths of the sea, aquatics life and a mermaid thinking of ever after, the thoughtful placement of color sell the concept majestically.
The use of light color and sfumato bring to full fruition the title of the piece, for those shady blues conceal wild life and it's curious ways.
This enlightened person state of mind and soul is highlighted in the cool warm palette that radiates from his body.
The Hot colors used to composed this street art add to the energy and will showed by this bands of kids that are building a home made out of books, with the hope that knowledge will open the path to a better life.
The color in this piece cast a cool and calm persona to the doctor portrayed in it, characteristics one would deem necessary for a healer of men.
This piece uses muted and dirty tones to illustrate some of the harsh landscapes you can find in the city once you leave the busy business parts, yet casts a touch of live with the use of green walls and some planting raising in the urban jungle.
The composition and use of color in this graffiti bring about the idea of staying cool in a hot and busy urban jungle, the excellent use of caricature and color pass on this idea to it's viewers without the use of words.
This installation shows the mix of floral beauty with the harsh reality of war, bathing these armed aggressors in flowers, doesn't mean they are not willing or ready to bring harm and death. It use of natures dynamic color to contrast man's cold fury is thought provoking.
Through the use of the color red and it various tones the artist conveys the heavy sentiments and ideologies that separate South Korea from North Korea.
An entrancing piece that shows a masterful use of color, light and shadow, that lead the viewer like an explorer starting off this journey from the forest, past the waters to climb over the rock bodies and reach out into the inviting heavens.
The use of white and black bathing together to form this monochromatic composition of a female in thought is mesmerizing, it brings to mind how so much may be going, yet you choose what draws your attention and how it may lead you away from all the other things going on around you.
A majestic painting that envelops the viewer in this realistically portrayed landscape that is cover in natural and soothing color, giving the viewer the chance to enjoy the grandness of the world and the daily wonders we have before us. The hot colors of a day passing and embracing the dark as this tribe goes about it's daily routines.
In this piece one can see the how the uses the composition of the coast and the monochromatic tone to guide the the viewer to this land lit up in pink energy that calls you to further investigate this unusual light show.
In this grand piece the artist uses color to express the great freedom one can enjoy from traveling through the wide open world, using the Muse on her stead Pegasus to remind us of how the world around you can blur into blotches of color as we move through it at high speed.
Credits: All media
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