The Lines of time

This is a gallery to showcases different pieces of art that show great use of line. This gallery will show artwork from the 1500's to the early 2000's.

I chose this painting because it is a basic representation of line and I like the way O'Keeffe represents the different weights of a line.
I chose this painting because O'Keeffe shows that a line doesn't have to be straight and different curves in a line can show depth.
This painting interests me because Evans uses line weight and shading to make a beautiful scene that shows a good amount of depth. I also like that he paints dark to light, in relation to depth.
I chose this painting because Hammershoi uses line to create a beautiful depiction of building structure.
I chose this portrait of bridges because it fascinated me how Collard uses lines and curves to show a beautiful scenery. This reminds me of a never ending hallway.
At this point I wanted to get into some portraits. I used Chung's painting because I like the deliberate brush strokes and drip effect that he used to create a basic human form.
I chose Cardoso's painting because they used lines and shapes (cubism) to make a different looking painting. This style is rarely what you would expect artistically and I love it.
I am using da Vinci's study of a person's shoulders and neck because his lines fascinate me. I had never realized that anatomy has so many different representations of lines before.
This drawing is interesting to me because of Pfalz's use of hatching and cross-hatching on "The so-called Little Executioner."
I used Rubens's portrait of Samson because I love the lines that a human body is composed of.
This painting fascinated me because of the different line and curve weights that were used to represent plants.
I used Nash's semi-surrealistic painting of the desert because of the depth that the lines are able to show.
Sung's structure is interesting to me because I love nature and trees. I love the way that they show the complexity of the roots up to the limbs of the tree using different line weights.
I chose this graphite drawing by Stubbs because he was able to use lines in a way that shows depth and value without the use of color.
Lastly, I chose Tunnard's picture because I love the use of lines in the wall and the surrealism is really well done in this painting. I also like that the artist left in the lines used to show POV.
Credits: All media
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