The black and Brazilian culture. My favorite. 

I love these works of art. The expressions that are shown on each of these pieces are outstanding. They also make me start to reflect on my love for African and Brazilian culture. I like to explore, not only paintings, but hand made pieces and sculptures as well.

These beams remind me of the big totem poles I have seen pictures of in North America.
The reason I chose to save the photo of these pieces taken in the museum. Is because, it was nice seeing the old pottery and tools they used long ago.
I took a long look at, not only the clothing, but the detail the artist put into this work. Also, the actions and expressions shows the series of events that went on back then. I like this piece.
Being a big fan of both graffiti, I really like the art work shown. Mostly because I work towards being a Pescetarian. Also, I love the beauty of the fish :).
The face reminds me of anthropology and the beginning of human civilization. Also, How we have learned to communicate by physical expression. For example, through our face.
This is another big one for me. As i study the Brazilian culture, I have read on many great leaders. Zumbi is one of them. it is nice to see his legacy isn't forgotten.
I like this one because i can see that the group here is showing unity. That's nice to see. Especially being a brotha myself.
To be honest. i really like his hat by the tree. However, this picture reminds me a lot of the picture of the great Black Panther leader. Huey P. Newton.
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