The Use of line In Park Chan-Girl's sliced sculptures

These works by the sculptor Park Chan-Girl show us how recognizable forms can be created through the creative use of repeated line segments and straight poles.

Park uses her line segments to recreate the iconic image of Bruce Lee in this sculpture. This use of repeating lines shows us how this form can be represented in astonishing detail.
Park takes the famous image of Marilyn Monroe through her use of repeating lines. Park is even able to represent the form of Marilyn's flowing dress through her line segments.
Park Creates another pop icon for this sculpture. She represents the movement and life of Michael Jackson with her use of line segments. Its amazing how she can recreate this scene with simple pieces.
Park loves to recreate pop icons through her sliced sculptures. Her use of Line perfectly represents the form of the female agent from Bond films.
Park is able to create the organic forms of the iconic Birth of Venus by using her sliced sections. She is able to create the natural flowing shape of the shell and Venus by employing line.
Through the use of line Park to make this Jesus Sculpture. Her poles that she uses in her pieces also adds to the piece in a sort of representation of the spikes drilled into Jesus's body.
This creation takes a hint from classical art as it represents the for of Moses with Line Segments. Park is able to create the relaxed pose of this piece is astonishing detail.
This piece is a marvel of Park's engineering expertise because this piece's arm extends outward. Its amazing how each segment moves in a straight line horizontally in this piece.
Park creates this cat sculpture with her use of line. The sculpture gives the impression that the cat is inside mists with its form being definable but also hidden inside the upright poles.
Unlike her other work Park does not use her metal poles as much in this piece. The line segments creates a simplified yet definable form of a cat.
In this piece Park uses line to create the image of this sitting man with his head lowered. the poles create a sense that the man is melting in both directions yet he retains his main shape.
This piece uses its lines and poles to draw your eye to the jug the woman is holding. The poles make it seems as though there is water flowing out of the jug.
In this piece Park deviates from her usual style to create a sculpture where the lines her usual line segments are turned sideways to create the form of this woman.
This piece feels almost like a topographic map a hand. Park achieves this with her repeating line segments that vary in shape.
This piece feels more confined than Park's other pieces. There are no poles emerging from the sculpture at various locations. This piece is a depiction of the female form through the use of lines.
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