cubist perspective

  These images were chosen as they all share the cubist perspective and style in the way they were created. The first image is called "Houses" created in 1983 by Adam Henein, and he depicted a unique way in which houses are organized, and seen in by the human eye. The second image, Violin and Guitar created by Juan Gris exhibited the complex relationship between the two instruments that appear similar but are very different. Woman with a fan (1917), by Emil Filla challenges linear perspective and instead shows viewers of the different ways a woman with a fan can be seen. Alice Baily's "Self Portrait" (1917), depicts an interesting way in which one sees them self, instead of everything being symmetrical and perfect, she shows the different angles in which she can see herself and also how she believes others see her. The last image, "Man and Woman" (1915), by Antonin Prochazka shows viewers the complexities of the relationship between a man and woman. In module 8, students learned about realism and perspective, and cubism was a type of art that challenged the traditional linear perspective in paintings. It gave a way of depicting the complexities of the human eyes, and how we all see things differently and not just all the same (Sturken & Cartwright, 2009). All these paintings, show many different perspectives in which a single object such as a house, or a person, like Alice's "Self-Portrait" can be seen by the viewers, they challenge the viewer to look at each thing in different ways and not just one way. 

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