the 'role of women' through the eyes of freud and sophocles

The Role of Women throughout history is revealed as both a meaningful and highly controversial theme. Freud would say that the Role of Women is solely meant for copulation and reproduction. On the other hand, Sophocles would argue that the Role of Women focuses more on how men and women work together in order to problem solve and make decisions in their unending feud for power. Among many of the themes developed in Sophocles' Antigone, the theme of the Role of Women emerges as both a fundamental crux on which the authors help the reader contemplate the Role of Women in literature as well as the Role of Women in their lives and in the world.

The unnatural birth of a child. While Freud would argue that this artwork embodies the reproductive system of a female, Sophocles would argue that this piece shows the potential impact of woman and her kin on humankind.
Looking at this image of a mother in post labor, Freud would speculate the Role of Women as motherly in order to care for the children of the future while Sophocles would see the this picture as a beautiful event that touched the lives of all individuals involved.
This image depicts a woman in a kitchen. While Freud would see this as a woman fulfilling her duty to cook for her family, Sophocles would see the generations of teaching resulting in the beauty of traditional culinary art.
Women hard at work. It is important to view this picture as both women providing for their family as well as remembering the strength and independence required of women in order to fulfill everyday tasks.
Strong and independent women. This image is reminiscent of 'Rosie the Riveter', famous for the wartime propaganda poster. While Freud would mention the sexual attraction of a beautiful and independent woman, Sophocles would express the Goddess-like qualities of a woman perched on her throne illuminated by rays of radiant sun.
This woman depicted sharing knowledge with her child shows the critical nurturing Role of Women in humanity. While Freud would see the many different types of relationships a mother can share with her kin, Sophocles would mention the importance of passing information from generation to generation in order to insure the continuity of our species.
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