Some of the most famous artworks are portraits. From Leonardo Di Vinci's Mona Lisa to Edvard Munch's The Scream, the feelings and emotions in portraits are endless. There are portraits of saints, royalty, self-portraits, and many others. In this gallery, the viewer will find a variety of portraits, from a variety of artists. 

Although this portrait by Leonardo Di Vinci is not as famous as Mona Lisa, it is still a prized piece. The viewer can sense that the woman painted, a widow, is wealthy due to her clothing.
This portrait by Edvard Munch shows the viewer that this man is angered or nervous. Edvard Munch's use of color shows his talents.
This portrait by Sir Anthony Van Dyck shows King Charles I in three positions. It is believed that Van Dyck got his inspiration from a portrait by Lotto which was also in the King's collection of art.
This portrait by Raphael, one of the great artists of his time, is a portrait of Saint Francis of Assisi. This portrait is one of the panels in the 'Colonna altarpiece.' It is now held in New York.
Grant Wood's American Gothic portrays his dentist and sister as Father and daughter. The portrait shows the Father's labor and the daughter domestic ways, which made it become an instant success.
This is a self-portrait by Edvard Munch. This photo was taken of Munch at 53 AM Strom in Warnemünde. Munch uses an effect of transparency to symbolize himself.
The Portrait of May Sartoris by Frederic Leighton was apart of the Aesthetic Movement. After Leighton met Adelaide Sartoris, he painted her daughter, May, in a way to depict her morality and beauty.
This portrait also by Edvard Munch shows the same lady from The Scream. The bodies in the portraits look like ghosts coming toward the viewer.
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