The Pattern of Evolution 

The pattern of evolution  - Over time, many things have changed and one of them is an art form.  Painting techniques, art materials, construction, installation art, and many other factors have also changed.  Sometimes people do not think are important parts of the very natural flow to tell the age element. It is just a pattern. But,it is very important element of art. By the characteristics of the times and painting techniques to find out what the pattern developed.

01_ Comb-pattern Pottery  - Comb pottery, also called combware, comb pottery main pottery type of the Korean Neolithic Period (c. 3000-700 bce). The surface is entirely covered with impressed or incised lines, short, slanting, and parallel, arranged in either horizontal or vertical rows so as to produce a sort of comb pattern. A very simple pattern, but I think it is important to mankind as a starting point of the pattern.

02_ Natural pattern of The William morris - William Morris was a leading member of the Arts and Crafts MovementHis patterns are consists of a harmonious and relaxing color, natural objects and color He is best known for his pattern designs, particularly on fabrics and wallpapers. His vision in linking art to industry by applying the values of fine art to the production of commercial design was a key stage in the evolution of design as we know it today.

03_ Golden light of the Klimt's - Gustav Klimt’s painting "Death and Life", created in 1910, but completed 1915. at first, the background gold - coloured. He used bright colors like his other paintings. usual he was using the bright colors and pattern of a variety in painting. but After a few years, he was changed to gray-color for to express 'Death'.  also, He was bounding between using patterns to each figure, this painting is represent 'Death' is the evil spirit, 'Life' is represent from the baby to the elderly.

04_ Master of minimalist and abstract patterns, Mondrian - By the early 1920s, in line with De Stijl practice, he restricted his compositions to predominantly off-white grounds divided by black horizontal and vertical lines that often framed subsidiary blocks of individual primary colors.  Mondrian wanted the infinite, and shape is finite. A straight line is infinitely extendable, and the open-ended space between two parallel straight lines is infinitely extendable.

05_ Beyond the limits of the pattern. - Yeondoo Jung made wallpaper patterned with images of couples engaged in dance and lit the dance floor with warm tones that were energized by a small spinning disco ball. Now, people dance their hearts out in the evening and are inspired by the images of others that surround them.

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