Acicent Jewellery

The reason why I have put these particular reasons together because they represent the people that wore and the era they were created. The first image I choose was of the Myrtle Wreath, visually this shows viewers about the time and elegance of the jewellery. The second piece i choose is similar to this because it is also a wreath but it is made out of gold. It also tells you a story about the person that would have worn it and the elegance it brings. The third image i choose was of a  necklace with african head clasp. This image of the necklace is very simple but elegant, the colours of the necklace tells the viewer of the date it was created.  The third image I choose was of a crown, the shape of the crown displays the date it was created. The last image was also of a crown, this crown is in a lighter shade of gold and the cross on the front of the crown displays the religion it is used for.  

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