SideWalk Picassos

This gallery showcases some of the street art that can found across the world just by walking down your everyday sidewalk in these countries. The wonderful pieces of art have unique design, creativity and powerful messages. 

This piece is was created in via dello scalo san lorenzo, Rome. It is explained by the artist to attempt to disarm the strategies of global politics, in order to advance the expression of personal truth. Overall it has great design of both parties and powerful message encrypted inside.
This work of art is a result of three artists that have been on the Roman and International scene. Its representation is to highlight the weight of movement art has on shaping the streets of the city. What really sticks out are the strength abstract colors and designs that each painting has.
This painting is found in London and depicts a series of sheep carrying suit cases queuing up for the slaughter. The sheep then disappear inside of the larger characters head surrounded by sharp spikes. Its an abstract and interesting piece that was once fused with political and social commentary.
This piece here is a creative one. The artist goes by the name invader and in his creations, he makes art using stained glass and tiles. He then makes portraits representing his alias and one of the enemy sprites from the old school video game Space Invaders. These portraits are spread out all over the streets of London like a scavenger hunt, which makes finding one quite a treat.
This mural was created in Chile and is meant to depict the struggle of workers. It depicts the time period of the nitrate and massacre in Santa Maria de Iquique School. The colors are vibrant showing a period of sadness painted in black in white on the left and prosperity on the right side painted with an array of colors.
This street painting can be found in Chile, It represents the love a mother has for her children. It shows a strong message and is painted with very lust colors throughout.
This painting can also be found in Chile in the street museum in La Pincoya. This painting is to represent how students are allowed to study but with the cost of freedom due to moneylenders and sharks. It painted very nicely with dark colors and handcuffs around the hands portraying the message.
This one was created in France and can be found in Magasin généraux de Pantin. This painting shows the creative imagination and ideas that children hold within their minds. It is painted lengthy with bright abstract colors and shapes to portray the child's vast imagination.
This piece is in the Philippines and the artist explains that these three characters are to signify their version superheroes in their country. The characters are a riff to the power rangers and also have an interesting background with turtles and other types of colorful creatures.
This last piece is also located in the Philippines. It represents the mythical bird as large as the island itself that causes eclipses. It is a very creative and colorful representation of the mythical creature and interesting to see how every country has it's own unique myths.
Credits: All media
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