what I like and why I like it

"...are you incapable of restraining yourself or are you simply an insufferable know-it-all?" - J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

This is an art instructor checking his lover's work, but to me it looks like he's using that as an excuse to check out how hot he looks, while cliche girl tries to actually learn something.
I like this because of the way he uses the blocking of the enclosure to give us a sense of intimacy, to make us feel that we are witnessing a private moment. And also because Colin Firth is hot.
Hey! It's a Rosetti I haven't seen! And a really good one, too! And cool, that looks like Belle and Prince Adam!
I like this because he really captured the incandescence and movement of the bird, and the utter childlike delight of this young woman who has momentarily completely forgotten her love letter.
Miss Obliviously Proper plays Mozart while Mister McPervy has a completely unapologetic ogle.
Title suggestions: "Ms. Pothead and Mr. Nicecan" "Don't Cry Over Spilled WHAT!?" "Every Episode of Mad Men" "Rock and Doris" "Something to Prove" "15 Yrs. Backlog of Untested Rape Kits"
This painting is like that moment between a pleasant dream and a haunting nightmare. It reminds me of Leonard Cohen's "The Guests"
The deceptive simplicity of the lines, the disturbingly florid coloring, the sense of awkward movement, the juxtaposition of opposing emotions, the sardonic title, the timelessness of it all.SCHIELE<3
I've always hated Fragonard and I don't know why, but this painting affords an important life lesson: Tuck in your boobs before running around blindfolded.
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