American Romanticism

This gallery will showcase different works of art that represent the time period of American Romanticism. The artworks vary from paintings of nature, still paintings, and self portraits. The viewer of this gallery will get to experience the different themes of romanticism and what it represented. The emphasis of nature is the main theme in this gallery and that represents the main message of the romantic era which was that truth can and should be found in nature.

This painting by Jasper Francis Cropsey shows a natural setting in which a small village or family lives in. What I like about this picture is how even with civilization, the emphasis is still on the beauty of nature without industrialization.
This still life painting by Severin Roesen shows a table filled with many different fruits. This painting reinforces the message that the abundance of natural resources that are found in America is what makes it so different form anywhere else.
This painting shows a harbor during the year 1828. This painting expresses a sad or depressed emotion because the whole painting has a dark look. There are no bright colors that stand out and everything just seems to blend in.
This painting shows a farmyard in the winter during 1858.The artist George Henry Durrie was most popular for his winter rural scenes and that can be seen by the quality of this painting.
This painting shows off the painting style called luminism. Luminism is characterized by effects of lights in a landscape by using an aerial perspective. This painting mostly emphasize peace and tranquility with the calm water and hazy sky.
This painting is of a lake in the mountains. The emphasis of this picture is on the beauty and simplicity of nature in a natural state. The lighting and contrast in this picture brings a relaxing mood when I look at it.
This painting represents when Adam and Eve got kicked out of the Garden of Eden. The left and right side of this painting have a contrasting theme. The right side shows beautiful nature while the left side shows dead trees and leaves.
This picture shows an Indian that is looking out into the sun. This painting has more of a religious meaning because a vesper is a sunset evening prayer service. The Indian is performing a prayer as he looks out into the sunset.
This painting is one of the most famous from Frederic Edwin Church. The main thing that sticks out to me when I look at this photo is the double rainbow. The rainbow adds an element which makes the waterfall look even more beautiful and majestic.
This photo shows a landscape view form someone looking outside a window.Those two men are looking and observing what the nature holds.I like how in this painting, the mountains seem to look like they go on forever.
This painting shows a pastoral scene along the Sacramento River. This photo celebrates the American West as a natural place. An interesting thing about this picture is that the artist painted the dome of the Sacramento State Capitol in small detail by the California oak trees.
This painting shows the landscape view of the Valley of Cuernavaca. This painting is what romanticism mainly was about which is focusing on the simplicity and beauty that nature has to offer. The artist makes the valley look like it goes on and on with no end.
This painting focuses more on the message than the actual art itself. It illustrates when General Thomas Ewing demanded that all rural residents of Missouri along the Kansas border need to evacuate. This was an attempt to settle the conflict between the slave owners of Missouri and the anti-slave people of Kansas.
This self portrait is of a woman named Fidelia Marshall.This photo is very proper and it is difficult to tell the emotion of the woman.She is the main thing that stands out in this painting because of the contrast between her fair skin and white dress against the dark background.
This painting shows the part in the Mandan O-kee-pa ceremony where boys are pierced with pieces of wood in their chests and shoulder and are then hung from the ceiling by leather straps that are attached to the wood.This ceremony is the right of passage from being a young boy to manhood which tested both mental and physical endurance.
This painting represents the courting ritual during this time period. The title winding up has two different meanings. The first one is the literal meaning which refers to the ball of yarn that the woman is winding around the man's hand. The second meaning refers to the stage of their courtship.
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