The many impressions lines in art

my gallery based on Line art and Expressionism

this line art uses lines to direct your focus to certain dominant areas. the shapes and strong contrast in colors are the reason i chose this piece.
i chose this picture because of how the lines are used . in some areas the picture seems to have depth, and In others: completely flat.
this is structurally sound chair, I doubt that its used for sitting though. i chose this line art because its a god representation of my topic. its line art with a curvy rhythm.
i chose this painting because of how it was built. structures such as this fascinate me because of how stable it is ,while maintaining lifelike form.
I like this piece, simply because it looks as though it shouldn't be possible. Those thin lines that serve as foundation, shouldn't be able to support that much.
the form of line art fascinates me. it is structurally sound, year theres no straight support lines or beams.
i chose this piece because it has rhythm and flow. it has lines that direct you sight to 2 key locations .
I chose this piece because its impactful, yet drawn so simply with simple brush strokes and a lack of detail.
this piece has contrast and very strong colors. the lines are very "in your face" suggesting that this painting depicts a major issue.
I chose his piece because it feels so has simplicity, balance and unity.
another impressionism painting painted with simple lines and brush strokes.there not a lot of fine detail but there is well placed lines that defines his age
very flat simple painting of a landscape. The flow carry you up the mountain, with simple thick well placed lines
i code this portrait for its playful simple style. simple strokes and playful colors, but the expression show a hint of confusion or sadness.
I chose this picture because I liked it. I like how it was painted so simply almost playfully, yet the expression suggest otherwise. It has strong color contrast as well.
this piece makes you focus on the larger portions of the figure. its line art, but it has many smaller images surrounding the larger portions. almost as if it were telling a story
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