Street Vision-Bradlee Babcock

I chose to feature street art in this gallery because I find it very interesting and it represents a form of art that can be seen by many people everyday. Some of these pieces have social and political meanings and some show true graffiti style street art. I chose to focus on the artists use of line and also not just use of one medium like spray paint but plastic paint and stencil work as well. 

The piece titled We Never Die is displayed at the Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles. The picture of is of what appears to be man with his eyes closed. The line work used is brings out a lot of the detail of the face especially around the eyes and the mouth area. It almost appears as though this face is half human and half primate. The saying at the bottom of the painting says We close our eyes in this reality and open them into another.
This piece by How and Nosm is a great example street art is being used to get a message out there. The attention to detail with the use of clean and sharp line work makes everything in this picture seem very real. The picture depicted is a bit grotesque in nature with the blood in the vile and the worms crawling out of the feet. In the center of the vile there is a circle and inside is a face that is half skeleton and half flesh. An amazing piece of street art.
The work displayed here is a black and white wall mural by Artist Dome features at the ural Istanbul Festival shows many teddy bears and musical instruments left out on the street in front a row of buildings. The artist uses many great shadowing and line techniques to properly give dimension to the piece. You can see the details in the tuba all the working parts and the little stitched areas of the teddy bears stand out. the Lines in the buildings give it a aged look.
This piece called Class Sick is a piece that was done with stencil and plastic paint. There is so much fine detail in the mural and its done so accurately. The picture of the man in the background adds bit more drama to the piece and lets the eye focus on it rather than the stencil work. While the stencil work surrounding the picture draws the eye in several directions and lets you pick out so many great details and different designs. The piece was created inside of a building that was going to be torn down. It was painted to show the people what a great art form street art can be.
The piece displayed here was done by an artist named Stew. Its a great take on graffiti of street style art. There is a great use of fine line work here showing off the many characters in the piece. The main character begin a samurai is the only one in color while the other characters are strictly black and white and each having very distinctive details to set them apart. What I truly like about this piece besides the great line work is the graffiti in the background.
This incredible wall mural on the side of a building demonstrates the artist use of detailed line work to capture the essence of this mans face. Great focus was given to the detail of the wrinkles of the mans face and his beard and hair. Shadowing around the eyes and nose area help to give a weathered look to the mans face. Even the detail put into the mans sweater are there with the top button and the fibers of the sweater.
I really like this print that was done on plexi glass because its a dark piece. The line work is top notch. You can make out small details in the human figure that is in the background all the way down to the little lines in the rosettes on the curved pieces that are in the forefront of this painting.
I chose this piece because I like the colors and the almost cartoon like approach. Very great detail was put into the line work of this piece from the faces all away down to the surrounding circles and the little details put into this areas. You can make out a guitar in the background and a parrot a mash and if you look real close you can make out the shape of Central and South America.
A great depiction of a skeleton rat on the side of this house. I found this piece to be the least busy of all the pieces I chose. Yet the detail in the spine and face area of the rat are really put on display with how the artist used great lines and shadowing to bring out those details.
This piece is by far the most detail oriented and has the most line work in it off all this pieces in the gallery. There is so much going on in the piece and so many hidden things. You can make out different faces and things like candles, leaves, and suns. The addition of the color on the one wall gives the appearance of stained glass.
Credits: All media
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