Blue as a representation of sadness

This gallery is to show how the color Blue is used to replicate sadness and to give that feeling to those whom are looking at the piece.

To me most cold things are sharp, which is one of the reasons I enjoyed this blue pyramid of sorts. It's reminding me of icicles that hang off of rooftops. Beautiful, but dangerous.
One thing I really liked about this piece is that van Gogh is staring at you with what seems like hatred. The blue in the background makes it seem very spiteful.
van Gogh in Blue, this is a more obvious work to make my point a little more valid. Seeing as he has fog coming out of his mouth.
The way the light blue fades into the dark blue just seems like something is being projected at you.
Looking at this I'm developing a sense of some sadness. More than likely because when I look at this I'm seeming to think of a set up for a dinner that didn't happen. Like an important dinner.
I know I have said this a lot, but the way the lake reflects the image of the city in it makes it seem like it's almost frozen. Or some kind of barren wasteland void of life.
Kind of touching the same basis with this image as the other Georgia O'Keeffe image I posted already, I see a very deep blue that in a sense seems kind of drowning.
Looking at this with my head tilted to the side a bit, I'm starting to see it kind of like a hurricane from an overhead view.
In this I see either a very deep blue waterfall or someone pouring pure emotion. While it's still coming off sad, it's what I see.
This may be a stretch, but I see the lines as making up ice crystals.
The use of Blue in this image leaves a lot to the imagination, it coats the ground in such a way that makes it seem like this area could be covered in snowfall at night time.
The blue in this image makes the lines seem to make up an image like a planet in the cold depths of space.
I don't know if it's just me here. But the first thing I thought when I saw this piece is that I thought it was something you would find inside a dark cave.
In this work you can see how the transparent blue makes the object in the center look like it's made out of ice.
In this piece the color blue gives you a sense of coldness. Being the more dominant color in the work.
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