JEWISH ART OF THE 19TH and               20TH CENTURY

A selection of jewish art and artist from the 19th and 20th century. This selection looks at how the artist expresses his culture history and religion throughout his art.

On this painting Chagall represent a Rabbi, he is wearing all the required attire for his prayer.
On this panel Chagall depicts various aspects of his life, his artistic and jewish roots are represented on it.
On this work, Chagall is preparing for a bigger painting. Once again we can see some references to religion, although in this case it is a cross. Chagall depicted many times christian symbols on his works.
This representation of a jewish soldier returning home is important because he returned on a Sabbath. This is said to be the first representation of jewish art confronting a jewish subject.
In Jewish Woman with Oranges, Gierymski depict a poor jewish woman who's face is sad and seems helpless. In contrast the oranges are representing health and warm.
In this representation of Moses and Aaron leading the Jewish people across the Red Sea, DOWNS takes a traditional way of representation by aboriginal Australians and fuses it with his own art.
Lady in a car depicts a woman sitting in a car and watching through the window. Friedl is known for teaching children to paint while in Terezin, a ghetto outside Prague, were she died.
Kaufmann represents a woman dressed on festive clothes. Kaufmann was concerned with the changing of jewish traditions on Europe.
On this landscape Richard Weinberg depicts a town and a road passing over a river. The greenfield around creates a great contrast to highlight the main elements.
Hermann portrayed many people including famous ones. Born in Germany he migrated to Palestine in 1922 and never went back to Germany after the Nazi rose to power.
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