History and Use of Wood

Wood has always been around.  During the Dark Ages, there were good and bad things about wood carvings.  Wood carvings were mostly confined to monasteries which was the only place safe enough to practice the art.  Since there were many wars in Europe from 700 A.D to 900 A.D., making wood carvings and even paintings were forbidden.  Wood carvers were needed at monasteries so wood carvers would go to Europe where monasteries employed wood carvers to make relief carvings done in doors and wooden panels.  Artists began to be more creative in how they used wood after the year 1000.  Wood carvers were influenced by stone carvings and based some of their work on remains uncovered in parts of Europe.  As the years passed, new uses of wood were discovered, including furniture, tools, musical instruments, sculptures, religious artifacts, etc.

Biblical times were the beginning of the uses of wood. This piece shows that wood carving has been around for a very long time and continues to be practiced.
This shows the duties wood workers would have when they were hired at a European Monastery. They would often make intricate and detailed doors. The tutorial video shows how wood workers would make this door.
This monastery in Patmos, Greece was built in a heavily fortified style in order to prevent piracy. This monastery was also a place of pilgrimage for those who wanted to worship God.
This chest of drawers is one that could have been found in a wealthy kings bedroom in the 1700's. Wood workers would make anything demanded by the hierarchy in return for payment.
This shows that people could use wood for almost anything. Wood is easy to carve, which makes it easy to make many weapons from. This gun was used in the 15th March in Hungary.
This Harp is made of wood, but it can also be placed into a different category. Just looking at this piece, the thought of music first arises, not what its made of. This piece could fit in to the category of music and romanticism instead of wood working.
Today, wood is commonly used to make creative art sculptures such as this. Sculptures can be anywhere from large to very small. Modern wood working is a combination of a way to express creativity than it is to make somehing useful.t
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