Fashion, Dahling...

Look at how complex, yet delicate, her veil is and the taping of her hair.
Her dress is stunning. Look at the fabric and details of it...
What an interesting neckline! Really different for the time period, especially Madonna portraits
Her hair and lilac/gold dress
Oh yes, you knew you'd get noticed in that bonnet...and the gentlemen around her are pretty dashing too.
Please...this whole painting is a fashion show!
Something about her outfit just appeals to me...
When I think of Japanese prints and women, the first person I think of is Utamaro
Nothing like a gent in formal evening dress
It's called "The Little Red Glove". Definitely style-worthy.
All about the bow Or the embroidery if ruffs aren't your thing. I love when fabric is painted well. This is just as much about her outfit as it is about the woman herself.
She's like a Renaissance Grace queen-y and cool. Look at her bound hair and that luscious embroidery on her dress. Wow.
Her veil is lovely and delicately edged with gold threaded embroidery
The ruff, the pearls, the plume...gorgeous
I don't know what I love more, his ruffs or his velvet
I don't even know what to call the little jeweled headpiece over her forehead,
Now THAT's a crown!
Look how beautifully he captured their velvets, furs, trims and brocade fabrics
That bonnet is quite something. I also like the pleats of her bodice.
I'm not sure if his sleeves are a heavy satin-type material or velvet, but they are striking
That is quite a hat
They both look fantastic, but note the embroidery of her dress and those great ribbon bracelets!!!
Interesting necklace. And the artist's initials embroidered at her neckline wasn't lost on me.
Beautifully done fabric and trims...
I am noting her ribbon taped hair.
Why is she nude except for that hat, a necklace and her braid looped around her neck? Come on...the HAT.! And Apollonia's collar is really nice too.
Don't see too many portraits of tailors/seamstresses themselves
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