Never apologize for selfies

From Diego Velázquez’s clever play of representing himself in Las Meninas to Frida Kahlo’s series of paintings about her struggle and growth as an artist, self-portraits have been for the most part, an integral part of an artist’s development in their chosen craft. In his work, The Self-Portrait: A Cultural History, James Hall says that “the painter’s opinion of himself is a part of his equipment. He needs his conceit, as an opera singer does. Pride and a certain exultation nourish any physical skill”,  and it shows that self-portraits present as the manifestation of the artist’s idea of self image in their art. My gallery shows self-portraits across periods of time and how they are expressed through different types of media: traditional painting, photography, sculpture and installation art.

This self-portrait has been my favorite piece of art ever since. It is clearly an example of fine art– from the unique style of brush strokes to the certain hint of sadness and longing it evokes.
This painting shows Kahlo's life as a mother before her tragic miscarriage in 1932 that played a pivotal role in her life as an artist. This is fine art, shown from her use of heavy and dark paint.
This bust based on the artist's head made of glass is considered fine art: it is a sculpture in a traditional sense combined with the striking color of enamel used in coating the piece of art.
This is an example of fine art, evident from the technique used in coloring & outlining. This piece by Schiele doesn't conform to the standard of beauty: you don't have to look good in your selfies.
This photograph is an example of how self-portraits don't need to be confined just within the artist's facial features. It's a fine art that shows the beautiful value of the ephemeral human physique.
This beaker is an example of craft, made primarily for utility. It shows that self-portraits are not limited to traditional art and the physical manifestation of the artist.
This photograph is an example of fine art that raises the question (through its value and composition): Does the artist see himself in the newsboy posing in the photograph? Or is there more to it?
This sculpture shows how an artist could incorporate different aspects of self-image to represent a self-portrait. It utilizes found objects combined together to become a piece of fine art.
The simplicity and boldness of this fine art shows how an emotion, or in this case a product of emotion, can be directly represented as a self-portrait.
This work from one of my favorite contemporary artists is an example of fine art, shown in the effective use of charcoal and pastel in the strokes and techniques used in coloring.
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