Varying Narratives of the crucifixion of christ 

The Passion Narratives are the most recognized events to Christians and even Non-Christians. The Crucifixion of Christ is arguably the pinnacle of all the Passion Narratives. The Crucifixion scene is represented in art repeatedly and in different mediums. These representations are reminders of Jesus's love for all people and his ultimate sacrifice for the sins of the world. The majority of these narratives will have multiple people in them with Jesus as the focal point. 

The Figures are more stout like the Late Antiquity Style. The Crucifixion scene, on top, shows the classic halo around Jesus' head and a defeated serpent (Satan) below Jesus.
This representation is not naturalistic. It is very stylized but that was the intention of this piece.
This diptych leaf depiction of the Crucifixion has figures that show almost no emotion in the faces. However, the pose of holding themselves is an attempt at showing emotion.
This manuscript is very rich in color. However, the figures are very stylized and almost cartoon-like. Some of the figures, like the other's being crucified, show exaggerated emotion.
This manuscript depiction of the Crucifixion was unique to me because of the seven phrases that seem to flow out of Jesus. The figures here show more realistic emotion.
This painting shows the Crucifixion with an extensive background scene as well. This is something we haven't really seen in other depictions. Mary and Jesus both show emotion.
Credits: All media
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