Collection of modern art that speaks to me without words, proves to me that much of what we know and feel deeply about is embedded somehow in our connection to artistic expression.

Like the brilliance of the colors, the hard geometric edges. Appeals to my more secular spirituality and suspect the artist has similar sense of grandeur.
The perspective here, skewed, and the dominant yellows keep the effects always fresh. ALso like the edging of the floorboards, the jolt of red in the middle of the bed.
Here the light is mesmerizing, the gesture of the cigarett and the woman's gaze, that fact that she is covered while he is bare. But that split light! Shows a relation to painting, could BE a painting.
I like the way this one makes my eye move and refocus - like the gesture of the egg shaped black line, and the geometric squares adding depth. Also the yellow anchoring the lower right corner.
One of those pieces that gives you shape, dimension, brilliant color, object as object. The shadows it creates, the non-verbal solidness of it.
Letters! Numbers! Jasper Johns! Blindingly bright, the thing-ness of letters, the intrigue of the inserted photos. Screams contemporary. Deluged by random letters, yet composed.
Here I am drawn to the echo of religious art, the symbolisms, the blend of street violence and the more traditional "visitation" figure holding the baby - the layers of bold stripes like a grid, the central grid like flying over a city at nights.
Modigliani and his blues and simple lines, always elegant. This is a fuller figure than I associate with some of his work, but the almondine face remains the same. Love how the etched blue sets off the figure.
Here the division of white and red gives the work volume and form, along with the way the red fades and brightens, the textured fabric-like threads change when enlarged to trees (?) -- jots of color that keep one's gaze moving in and out.
More by Williams, now with an ash gray background. Like the wash of of color, the abstraction as of trees or flowers - or maybe not!
Stained glass art - saw much of this in a museum in Orlando, beautiful for its own sake but also reminds me of the tradition of art as central to items of use.
This simply appeals to my wonder at the power of blocks of color, the relation of one shape to another, the juxtapositioning of the whole composition.
This is sad and beautiful, especially pulling in for a close-up and seeing the pixilated paint, seed-like gems.
Credits: All media
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