Majestic Horses

This gallery shows the beauty that is captured in the paintings and drawings about different horses. Each artist reflects a different aspect of what they see and each as a special feeling about them.  - Art Gallery presented by Kimberly M. Kovac

The artwork shows horses locked in a fight. This reflects how proud horses can be. Each horse shows its strength to the opponent. Drawing details like shadowing are well used.
A scene frozen in time. In the wild, horses must defend themselves against predators. This scene shows a horse standing up to a lion. There is a feeling of courage.
Gazing out in the meadow, wild horses feed on grass under a clear sky. There are many different colors used in both the horses and the scenery around them. Each detail expresses a calm feeling.
Like the picture before this shows horses in a field. There is a family feeling to this painting because of the foals. The expression is happiness and peace on a clear day.
Changing the mood, this painting shows a more action and wild scene. The horses seemed to be worked up and the sky looks ominous.These feelings come together and complete the painting as a whole.
This shows more horses that are resting in a meadow. It gives calm feelings and a sense of ease. The colors are blended together smoothly in the field and the horses stand out drawing the eye to them.
The eye is drawn to the horses and expands to the scenery around them. The way that the horses manes and tails is draw it shows that there may be wind. The shading gives it a more realistic feeling.
A different style of drawing, this shows pencil like drawing. There are different shades which helps the horses stand out. Each horses has its down majestic presence in the drawing.
The texture for this painting stands out because of the scenery the horses are in. Its dark and you can feel the tension as the eye sees the horses run. The paint strokes are well blended together.
The colors are well blended in the scenery. One horse showing a straight posture with the front hoof lifted up and the other in a trot. The painting really does reflect how majestic horses can be.
Credits: All media
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