Step Into My Fantasy 

In  a world where art is an expression of the imagination I would like you to join me in a small tour of fantasy and midevil works of art. Staring dragons, mermaid and knights I would like you to keep an open mind and discover the beauty in the arts. Join me, will you? Great! Let us begin.....  

Let's start with an artwork from the Edo period. This particular work is in my gallery for a couple of reasons; 1. Chinese styled dragons are very majestic, 2. Dragons are straight fantasy, agreed?
Next up is a street styled dragon from Australia. This dragon is in my gallery as a fresh look on an old "tail", the modernized way this dragon was painted is very pleasing to me.
The three-headed dragon, a classic. There is so much beauty in this painting I had to have it. The color and the "reflection" on the dragon scales is magnificent.
Next we have a midevil styled painting with knights on a journey, made for Queen Elizabeth, this painting is a wonderful example of knights on a quest. Typical start to many books, right?
Ah a Raphael... Story is, Saint George saved a pagan kings daughter by slaying a dragon in front of a village, convincing them to convert to Christianity. Perfect addition if I do say so myself.
This etching brings a new creature into our little fantasy world. Mermaids, so we now have creatures of Earth, fire, and sea. Mermaids are always a pleasing addition to any fantasy.
Whimsical fairies; beautiful, clever and sometimes tricky, this gallery would not be complete without them. The use of implied lighting in this painting is rather pleasing, with all the focus central.
This statue of Don Quixote brings knights back into the scene, beautifully and uniquely constructed, this is a fine piece to include. Classic tale of chivalry, when did it die?
This piece from the Philippenes was alluring to the circus guests, did they really have a mermaid? well we had better go check! Perfect marketing strategy I would say and a "different" addition here.
We end our journey with a romantic embrace. Lets imagine this knight has witnessed all we have seen here and recounts the tales to his lovely maiden. Beautiful ending to our wonderful tale.
Credits: All media
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