Muhammad Ali: The greatest of all time

Born Cassius Clay, Muhammad Ali, is an iconic boxing super star for what he represented and stood for on and off the ring. In this gallery shows a glimpse of his prime time years and battles on and off the ring. I will compare what's going on in the image and translating the representation of the image into what was happening in his life at that time. 

Ali loved the spotlight and enjoyed being the center of attention. He was very outspoken, provocative and entertaining. He had no problem speaking about issues not related to boxing during press conferences and interviews. With the spotlight comes negativity, and he was being criticized for his loud mouth. I chose this image because he is having his mouth taped shut for his weigh in against Dough Jones whom he defeated in 10 rounds, out of 15 that were fought back in his times. Showing the was who he was with or without his loud mouth. As they say, he let his hands do the talking that night.
Muhammad Ali worked hard to become the champion he is. He might have a loud mouth but he backed it up in the ring. Here he is shown training hard, his expression says it all. Ali once said, "I am the greatest, I said that even before I knew I was!" Another quote by Ali that fights perfectly with this image is, "I hated every minute of training, but I said, 'Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion."
Muhammad Ali was also known as the people's champ. I chose this image because the love from the children surrounding him can be felt. Ali joking with them also shows how he cared enough to make times for them and enjoyed making them laugh.
Muhammad Ali along side James Early Jones. Two legends, the greatest boxer of all times and the greatest actor in American history. I chose this image because something people may not know is these two men share the same date of birth, January 17th.
This image is from Ali's bought against Sonny Liston. I chose this image because Ali is the self proclaimed Greatest Boxer of All Time. Here we have a full picture of him in action, his arms look so defined while he is unloading and connecting a right upper hook.
This is the most iconic photograph in the history of boxing. Ali's first round win over Sonny Liston, Ali stands over Sonny yelling to him "Get up and fight, sucker!"
Ali, remains undefeated after his win over Sonny. I chose this image because so far every image on the ring has been in color, and every image thus far, off the ring has been in black and white. Translating into a form of coming alive in the ring for Ali.
After refusing to be inducted into the US Army, citing religious reason. Ali was stripped of his titles and his boxing licensed was suspended. He still however demanded attention, by staying in the spotlight. Here he is before a play named The Great White Hope about boxer, Jack Johnson outside the Broadway Theater.
I chose this image of Ali and those surrounding him off the ring in color because it's after his second fight back in the ring after having had his boxing licensed suspended for 4 years. As his fame grew and grew, his fights became something extraordinary. Celebrities, glamour, pimp, and ego took over the arena. I think this image translates into Ali becoming a super star and associating himself with high profile figures off the ring.
Ali loved attention, he loved predicting what round he would knock his opponent in. He convinced the world that he was the greatest of all time before he even knew it himself. I chose this image as my last one because Ali's name is written in history, that's why this image is in black and white. I also chose this image because of all the microphones in front of him, representing attention from the public. Yet he is only speaking into one microphone, representing his voice being loud enough for everyone to hear and never forget who Muhammad Ali is. All of this is going on with him inside the ring, representing his boxing career and that no matter what, people will always associate him with boxing first and foremost.
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