FA-371 Art Collection


I choose this because this is my wrong Istanbul modern assignment and Starry night is very good example for Expressionism because starry night about Can Van gogh's feelings when he sick psychologically and his view from his room.
This is example for Abstract Expressionism. The painting has a lot of nested circles and rectangles and also one red color.It looks like man's inner world.
In this painting, there are a few different views like at the top illumimati's symbol and also jesus about religion and aslo all people faces tell us different different feelings. It is like a community of people independent of each other. This is a good sample for Mannerism
This is a normal view as a bridge and a house but i choose this painting for Surrealism. Because, firstly its night, night is a symbol for person's inner worlds closed areas and bridge is a link like a relationship and tihs paintings feelings can change with according to people mode.
This painting is simple and clear. A carrot from nature and a women without dresses and scattered hairs in a natural place. This is real world without human-made things.This picture for Realism.
The frame and a picture. This is a art work from each point. Frame has 5 heads that looking picture and in picture there three people and they can be symbol for young, child, old , man, woman and the work has lots of color.Also backgroud of picture is a different art work like art in art.I think this can be a good example for High Renaissance.
This works name is Triumphal entry of Henri IV. This is picture of victory but it shows the war from each point. On the left people who women and children and on the right a men who lose the war. In this work there are both joy and sadness. This is describes Baroque period.
Two women, plain and unpretentious according to the baroque period with clothes from ancient Greek. This painting explain Neoclassicism simply.
This is an example for Impressionism. A part of normal human life. An arrival with a lot of different people in same area. Some of them regains their loved ones and some of them starting a new journey.
Forest and mountain, there is no way, no obstacle no end. This is a state of being a free spirit like Romanticism.
The sleeping Gypsy a sample for Post-Impressionism. A sleeping gypsy with palmy like but also a lion for symbol of dangerous in contrast to Impressionism like Post-Impressionism.
It is a painting made with cubes. But also this a portrait that portrait of pablo picasso. That why i choose this painting for Cubism.
This is a abstracted Pop-art. Dropping pill into the water no background and no human beings. Piece of human world
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