The evolution of art through luminism

This gallery includes works of art creating during the luminism era. Expect to find paintings that appear to be photographs due to the close attention paid to realism and detail. These paintings are visually appealing and often have the feel of common life and the middle class. Self portraits, still life paintings, and landscapes are things you will see in this gallery.

I like this because it shows the common past times of native americans that give people a new interpretation of of them other than being known as savages.
I like this because it shows the contrast of the two men who are so much different in both culture and lifestyle.
The image looks really realistic and the details put into it are very convincing.
What I like about this is that it looks like an actual photo which shows the amount of skill that the artist had to be able to make such a lifelike image.
This image captures the look of a native american during the time period which I think is the artist trying to preserve the native american culture.
It is just a portrait of a woman which looks very realistic.
I like this because the artist captures the idea of what life on a farm would be like during the winter.
The image feels very real to life and shows a man walking on a trail to his house
There is a image of a gloomy harbor of people just doing average work.
This work makes me feel excited and kinda scared.
This image just captures normal people rowing down a river.
A still painting of someones lunch in front of a landscape background
Another still this time including flowers and fruit in front of a landscape.
A landscape portrait portraying trees and mountains.
A painting of a river that is realistically drawn
Shows the contrast of the size between the redwood treees and people.
Common theme is that people are normally smaller than nature.
I like this because the artist blends the flag with the sundown and it looks really nice.
Shows an immersive image of a river followed by tiny people
Shows the ocean and also includes a little ship that looks tiny compared to the islands and clouds.
Shows people fishing on boats in a lake, there is also a mountain in the background with people working on it.
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