I am fascinated by the human beings urge to express themselves despite lack of canvas and colors.
This trigs my memory of the Denver outskirts. I visited Denver art museum in 1987. Notice the small person standing at the foot of "The tower of Babel." Vast landscape versus small living creatures. Fantastic.
11 years old my mother took me to Rhodos, Greece and I was fascinated my jars like this one. When I get married (again) I will see to it so a bath for the protection of the newly wed will be arranged.
The history says that Washington during the inauguration ceremony appeared as silent and unapproachable, even arrogant. The legend says that this was caused by his dentures which did not fit. Teeth have at all times been a source of concern. Who knows maybe healthy teeth would have taken Washington further.
This is a childhood memory. A copy hung on the wall in my parents bedroom. Luckily they never separated. Maybe because of the awareness of never to take each other for granted, and by looking at this picture every day, they were reminded of this fact.
Goya is fascinating. Love to see more. Saw the movie about the Spanish inquisition where Goya was played by the Swedish actor Stellan Skarsgård.
My friend Helen took me to Israel in 2006, and I got to experience the view from this picture with the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Old town. Jerusalem caught me, and I will for sure return.
Awareness of sparks is present in Jerusalem. No wonder; God is on fire.
Even in Prague they house Munch. Norway needs to find a more central place for his works. Lets build.
She was described as a shy young lady who did not seek the public eye. Life with Roosevelt could not have been easy. He had a lengthy affair with Eleanors secretary who was with him when he died in 1945. Eleanor was a beloved first lady, respected for her political and social work. Look at the picture, and the illustration of her about to take off her ring...
Politics can be quite a circus.
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