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This gallery is a visual walk through the various contrasts of religion. The images will allow you to see how religion is depicted in different cultures and beliefs through paintings, sculptures and photographs taken of historical moments and religious figures.

Calvary and episodes in the history of salvation, Unknown, Russia, 1800/1880, From the collection of: Museo de Artes Universidad de los Andes
This piece of artwork is a depiction of Christ on Calvary from early to mid-1800's. It also displays the holy trinity, the virgin Mary and other events in the history of salvation through the crucifixion of Christ.
Burning Synagogue, Hulton Archive, 1939-11-10, From the collection of: Getty Images
This image was taken after the Nazi's set this Synagogue on fire. It depicts the control and hatred Hitler had for the Jewish community during the time of the Holocaust.
Gandhi Family, Margaret Bourke-White, 1946-05, From the collection of: LIFE Photo Collection
Hindu leader with his nephew singing the Gita. This religious song was sung to show commitment and faith in Lord Krishna. This man with the long beard is a Moslem or religious leader in the Hindu faith.
Mosques In Pakistan, Margaret Bourke-White, 1947, From the collection of: LIFE Photo Collection
Depiction of a beautiful Mosque in Pakistan. This is a photograph of people bowing in prayer in the front of a Pakistani Mosque.
Virgin and Child, William Blake, 1757–1827, British, 1825, From the collection of: Yale Center for British Art
The Virgin Mary and Child is a beautiful painting depicting Christ as an infant in His mothers arms. The painting was done in 1825 by William Blake. Blake used an egg based paint instead of oil so it could not be altered or interpreted differently.
Dante running from the three beasts, William Blake, (1824-1827), From the collection of: National Gallery of Victoria
Dante and Virgil are depicted in this painting. It is showing Dante running from three beasts who are symbols from different realms of Hell. Dante and Virgil go through different realms of Hell to be able to enter Heaven. Each of these beasts are different things he must face.
Christ Teaching at Capernaum, Maurycy Gottlieb, 1878 - 1879, From the collection of: The National Museum in Warsaw
Christ Teaching at Capernaum, a painting by Maurycy Gottlieb. The image depicts Christ teaching His followers in a temple. He is most likely teaching them about salvation or possibly about following Him and believing He is the Son of God.
Religion-Baqr Id Ceremony Pakistan, Margaret Bourke-White, 1947-12, From the collection of: LIFE Photo Collection
The lady in the background is Lady Nusrat Haroon, she is watching in observation as the man is coaxing the sheep to drink from a pail of water. The sheep will be given the water and then used for a religious sacrifice in this Pakistani village.
Religion Crisis - Polish Communism & The Cardinal, Mark Kauffman, 1958-10, From the collection of: LIFE Photo Collection
This is a Cardinal giving sermon in Poland. It was taken in 1958 during the Polish Anti-Religion Campaign. The Cardinal is speaking to his people and although we have no dialogue one can assume that he is speaking on the oppression of his people during that time.
St Martina calling down Lightning on the Idols, Cortona, Pietro da, 17th century, From the collection of: Dulwich Picture Gallery
St Martina is depicted here calling down a bolt of lightening to destroy idols in a temple. She would not practice in the temple because of the idols. The temple was destroyed after the calling for the lightening.
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