Depictions of Houses by Vincent van Gogh 

This Gallery will only showcase works by Vincent Van Gogh depicting houses. The artworks shown here are listed in chronological order. The depictions are predominantly created by oil on canvas, and with a few created by Charcoal on wove paper. There is a noticeable change in Vincent Van Gogh's Art style over the 11 years since his first drawing shown on this gallery. Of course the transition from charcoal to oils on canvas, but the depictions become less naturalistic and more abstracted in his later artworks.(GALLERY CREATED BY ANDREW TRAN)

This charcoal on woven paper depiction of of The Zandmennik House begins his depiction of houses. And is of interest as he later transitions to the use of oil on canvas.
The Magrot House was included and is of interest due to its increased detail compared to the Zanmennik House as we see in the house attachments, Windows, roofing, chimney, etc and stems of the plants.
The vicarage at Neunen was included due to showing his shift from charcoal to oil, and because of a clearly detailed landscape, and house. With smooth depictions uncharacteristic of his later works.
The Houses seen from the back are of note due to their unique urban depiction of houses. This artwork was created in and depicts Houses in Antwerp France.
yellow house shows Place Lamartine where Van Gogh stayed at one time. The work was included due to showcasing his shift towards more abstracted landscapes, compared to the detail of vicarage at Neunan
The Bedroom in Arles, was inspired by Van Gogh's actual bedroom at Place Lamartine, this artwork was included to showcase his depiction of an interior of another one of his works "Yellow House"
House at Auvers is of note due to its depiction of a highly abstracted landscape. Where the details are obscured to the point that the plants appear to be shifting and fluid as a river.
Houses at Auvers is of note as it shows houses that appear to meld with the landscape around it. That the abstract distorted landscape is beginning to encroach upon the houses themselves.
This artwork was included due to depicting a cluster of houses by Van Gogh. As with his other works depicting the village of Auvers-sur-Oise the landscape is abstract from the land, trees, and water.
The artwork created just before Vincent's death was included as it shows a house within a distorted abstract landscape. Showing us how his Oil on canvas style had shifted during his past 5 years.
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