The footsteps of Christianity

This gallery consist of the most well known christian works of art. The collection is made up of artwork depicting the life of Jesus (the founder of Christianity), as well as important events related to the religion and its spread throughout the world.  

The Adoration of the Shepherds depicts baby Jesus laying in a cradle as his mother and others stare in awe at him. The crowd of spectators also includes what appeared to be angels. This is why I chose this work because it symbolizes the recognition that Jesus was indeed the Messiah that everyone including angels and humans were waiting for.
The Adoration of the Magi depicts The virgin Mary and her son Jesus sitting amongst a congregation of people. The people are all kneeling to pay homage to the son of God, Jesus Christ. I chose this work because the people in the painting are showing so much respect and adoration to their God. Looking at the gestures and emotion in the peoples faces you can see their faithfulness in who they believe baby Jesus to be.
. The 12 year old Jesus teaching in the temple depicts A young Jesus sitting at the center of the temple. He is surrounded by a crowd of people that are fixated on him and embracing his teachings. I chose this work of art because it is a visual reenactment of a very important event in the Christian Bible.
The artwork entitled Jesus Christ depicts a glorious image of the founder of Christianity. He is holding an open bible, dressed in fine linen with gold background and borders. I chose this piece because it shows Jesus Christ as an individual of royalty as well as an iconic leader and founder of his faith.
Christ on the Sea of Galilee depicts Jesus on a boat with his disciples in the middle of the sea of Gallilee during a raging storm. I chose this work because it is a visual representation of an important event documented in the Bible. The disciples are on edge and worried while Jesus is fast asleep during the storm which is exactly what is written in the Bible. This painting does an excellent job of bringing these scriptures to life.
Central pinnacle from an altarpiece with the Ca... depicts Jesus being crucified. You can also see people weeping as they look on in despair as well as Roman guards, who were responsible for carrying out his execution. I chose this piece because it symbolizes one of the most disastrous events in Christian history, the crucifixion of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Predella fragment of an altar piece with the Christ depicts A graphic portrait of Jesus Christ after the crucifixion. You can see the blood all over his body and clothes as well as the holes in his hands and side. I chose this work because it provides a very graphic and realistic image of the gruesome torture that Jesus endured during his crucifixion.
Burial of Jesus Christ depicts the mother and followers of Jesus Christ preparing his body for burial. Looking at the facial expressions and gestures of the people you can feel a sense of hopelessness and grieving. I chose this sculpture because it depicts very important scriptures in the Christian Bible, by reenacting the burial of Jesus Christ.
Small altarpiece with the Virgin and Saints Is a mural of the growth of the Christian faith. The piece consist of Mary and baby Jesus in the center surrounded by pictures of the apostles which are the founding fathers of the religion. I chose this work because it is somewhat of a timeline starting from the birth of Jesus going all the way to the emergence of his disciples. This artwork does a great job of visualizing a collection of important events and the important people of Christianity.
5.22.09 is a piece of artwork promoting Christianity. It is filled with very vibrant colors and has the words Jesus saves written in the center of the piece. I chose this piece because it is very unique in the fact that it is graffiti art. Also the work promotes a very strong message and is a perfect representation of how Christianity has spread throughout the world. It is amazing how the belief and following of this faith has remained strong more than 2000 years after the death of Jesus.
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