arabic calligraphy

Arabic Calligraphy is the art of writing arabic alphabets. It was just a medium of communication. but later turned out to be part of the Islamic, architecture, culture, coins, decoration, etc. One main example of this art or style of writing is the Book of Quran. This is one of the religious books followed by muslims. 

This is artwork of a bowl from 10 century AD. Looking at the color of the bowl and the time it was made, it can be predicted that it is a clay modeled bowl. It is decorated with arabic calligraphy text around the border, conveying some religious message.
This is a beautiful piece of art from Lahore Museum, Its an inscription of Islamic religious texts on a piece of stone. The brown color of the stone and the texture makes it look like an art work done on wood. It uses rectangular shapes to model the art. There is an outside rectangular border with another rectangular border of design, in which the arabic text has been carved.
This is a piece of painting by Sadiqi Beg. It is an art work basically from Iran, but now present in Harvard art Museums. This paining shows two ladies kneeling down and looks like they are praying. The painting is decorated with arabic calligraphic text on top and bottom. If you take a closer look into the painting, you can see some arabic text stamped on this piece of art below the ladies.
This is an incomplete text from the Holy Book of Quran which was found sometime between 600 and 700 AD. It is now present in the National Museum, Delhi. This is a beautiful combination of text in the form of calligraphy. Its fascinating how the text was written so neatly, with proper spacing and without mistakes.
This is an art work from the late 15 century. Its a painting of Mihrab, which is a artwork on one of the wall in mosques. It is to show muslims which side to face when they are praying. As they have face the direction where mecca is located. This piece of artwork shows calligraphic texts, which could verses from The book of Quran. Inside the rectangular calligraphic text border there are different middle eastern, designs and patterns.
This is an Egyptian piece art from the Mamluk Dynasty. It is a candle stick which used to be used in the royal courts. Used by Amirs, prince, Sultans or any high officials. This is a great example to show that calligraphy is major art form used in the middle east as a decorative tool. The candle stick has different style and patterns of arabic calligraphy writing.
This piece of art from between 1506 - 1512. One interesting thing about this art is that it is from China. It was made during the ming dynasty, ruled by the young Emperor Zhengde. It has arabic and islamic influence because the emperor converted into Islam and was influenced by Islamic text and art. The art work has a shape of a crown and has arabic calligraphic text in the center.
This is a plate with beautiful designs and combination of colors. It shows flowers and plants around an Arabic calligraphic text. The calligraphic text is also in the shape of a jug. This is a good example to show that modern arabic calligraphic writing has different shapes and design.
This is a beautiful artwork made of cloth. It is a cloth used to cover dead bodies to avoid evil. This piece art is filled with islamic Calligraphic text in different patterns and designs. The writing style has diamond shapes in the middle with different verses and text from Quran.
This is an artwork from a mosque in Pakistan. It is filled with different patterns and designs all forming an arched shape. Five arches in the center are painted with Islamic calligraphic text. It is one of the oldest Kufic style calligraphy. It has paintings of different flowers and plants and designs. It is filled with different colors.
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