The Weird Art (CUBISM)

Cubism is not abstract art, but art that is made mostly from shapes.

It was devoloped by Pablo PIcasso and Georges Braque. Cubism was the first style of abstract art and was created at the start of the 20th century.

Unfourtunately Braque and Picasso are not used in the art project so I was not able to access their work. My artists are: Juan Gris Robert Delaunay Paul Klee Marc Chagall

This picture is interesting to look at. To me it looks like a guitar without a handle on table with many documents and crumpled table clothes . There even seems to be a newspaper. Where the guitar handle should be there is what looks like an apple. I chose this picture because it goes with my cubism theme and the colours look quite authentic.
The coffee grinder, cup and glass on a table represents relaxation. The cup, grinder and glass on a table are all clear to see although as with usual cubism it is difficult to see how they might all be on a table and they are definitely not all in the same place. I like the colours of this photo because they go together and look like they might of been olden day colours, especially the parchment yellow.
I like this painting because of the way it is in strips. The clearest part of the violin would be near the top middle-ish right. The handle of the guitar is just clear on top the part of the violin I just explained. The colour scheme is very pretty and to me it looks rustic with the reds, blues and the orangey-brown. What looks kind-of like the barrel of a gun is actually part of the guitar because (as with cubism) everything is very mixed and jumbled
This is possibly my favourite painting in the gallery so far. I love it because of the way it does look like an open window and the way light appears to spill the background there is the sea, but it also looks like like a stormy, gloomy day. Also I love the look of the mountains in the background.
I believe Josette Gris is Juan Gris's wife, but this is only a guess. This painting is rather effective as it is mainly black and white. I kind of like the way the hair is brown and some parts of the skin in a skin colour. It is difficult to work out where her various body parts are, but on the whole I don't really like the painting as it is.
I like the colours in this painting by Robert Delaunay. It has got a shadow of the Eiffel Tower in orange on the right also on the left a bridge of some sort. The darkness on the left-hand side is in contrast with the oranges, greens, blues, yellows and peaches in the rest of the painting.
Possibly my favourite painting in my gallery Air, Iron and Water is a beautiful, bright and bubbly painting. I particually love it because of the lovely circles, colours and shapes. To describe this painting and to make a summary of it I would say it is a perfect match for someone who loves colours and abstract art.
Another one of my favourites because of the way that there isn't heaps going on. There are two abstract dots, but apart from that it is clean, neat and presented in an ordely way. As the title suggests it kind of is a rythmic painting.
This painting is not as bright as some of Mr. Delaunay's paintings. I'm not really sure that I like this painting as much as some of the others. The thing I like about the painting is the amount of detail in it. For example if you zoom in on the book the woman is reading you can see a rough greeny-grey background of a landscape- this really shows the amount of detail that professional artists put in their work.
As with all of Robert's paintings that I have included in my gallery this is bright and colourful, but with the same colours he often uses. The painting is a recreation of his other painting (left).This painting is actually almost the same sketch in the background with differences added hear and there. The difference of this one is that it is more brightly coloured and 'the cubism effect' has been added in so that there are now random circles, stripes and other shapes added into the background as well as onto the woman herself.
Paul Klee did sketches as well as paintings and I like that. With this painting you really have to examine it closely. It does appear to be a tightrope walker, but in the background there are all sorts of circus equipment. I love the detail in this sketch and I could spend ages trying to identify and playing around with my imagination the elements of this sketch.
I have been trrying to work out what is what in this painting. I believe that the candle is in the middle towards the top of the painting with the wick coming out the top looking very burnt as it is black. This piece of work almost looks like a maze and if you look really closely the bluey-grey is actually lots of little lines. I think that this piece has a lovely effect.
This painting is, as the title suggests, ghostly. It is the sketch of a person or else it might be an ink print. This painting with its plain background is simple, but for the print in the middle. Around the main part where the person is there are lots of little ink prints. I believe this would be intentional because I am sure that most professional artists would not leave this on the painting if it wasn't.
I wouldn't usually like this type of painting because of the amount of darkness,but this one has a certain effect with the different shades of brown. The strips of colour are particularly effective with the parchment yellows and lighter browns. I really quite like this painting.
If you ask me this looks like a smile not the beginnings of a smile. But I am not complaining. I like the way that the painting is different and it creates something fun to look at. In the mix of things on the face there appears to be a chimney with a chimney broom out the top as well as a horn and a field with trees in it (and other random sketches).
This artwork is ... different. it is just a plain background with a weird sketch in the middle. the people are definitely sitting on a wagon type of thing as the title mentions. They seem to have strings attached to their arms which goes to an arrow which points towards a brown swirly-thing with a green and a red love heart. Also there is a different type of arrow between the wheels .
The random colours on this painting look cool as they have an air about them as if they have been stitched with the blueish lines going through them all. The most vibrant colour is definitely the red, because all the others have been darkened by the 'stitching'.
I like the frame around this painting. The colours go with each other really well.The donkey looks more like a bull than a donkey, but I like the way it is designed.The man seems to have his head about three inches above his body which is kind of weird.
I really love this painting. I love all the fish with their own individual shapes, sizes, colours and patterns.bThe flower in the top right-hand corner is really cool. The green in the background sets off the whole thing nicely. There is a lot going on, but I like that.
I love the pattern of random shapes in the background. The eye might relate to the glance in the title, but I think this really is "The Glance of a Landscape". The lonely trees make it look extremely coolant sometimes the shapes in the background look like steps. I think this painting is very good and ends my project nicely.
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