The Life of jesus christ

This gallery includes representations the story of Jesus Christ from Mary begin told by a angel that she would have a son to Resurrection in paintings

This is the beginning of the story of Jesus. From looking at this picture you can see the angel Gabriel come to Mary. He is tells her that God is going to bless her with a son.
This is a painting of Jesus birth.He is laying in the manger surrounded by the angel and three shepherds.Looking at this picture you can see the happiness and love of the people from Jesus birth.
This picture is telling the same of the Nativity painting.The difference is in this painting the shepherds are bring gifts to Jesus, the Messiah.
In this painting Jesus gather all of his apostle.To tell them, that one will betray him. This is his last meal he had with the apostles.
This a painting of Jesus before his crucifixion. He was beat by the guards as he was making his way to Calvary. looking at this painting you can see many in the background watching the guards hit him.
In this painting Jesus is making his way to Calvary.From looking at this painting you can see the struggles Jesus went through.You can also see a man hold the cross as if he trying to help.
In this painting Jesus was taking of the cross and held by John,and His mother, Mary.The entombment means to make viewer's religious experience personal.In this painting there's some contracts points.
This another picture of Jesus after the crucifixion,he laying down as two people mourn over Him. This is probably before he is placed in the tomb.This is similar to the other painting but from a different view point.
The three women, when to the tomb of Jesus to find him not there. An angel appeared telling them that he had risen from the dead. This is apart of the story of Jesus life.
This is another painting of Jesus resurrection.In this picture you can see him come out of the tomb he was place in. From looking at this painting you can see Jesus glowing, an angel, the guard, and the three women.
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