Vivid colors for a history of life celebration

bright colors that celebrate life, its beautiful gifts and playfulness

I chose this painting because it represents Paul Klee in bright colors, it showns his playfulness and it matches the vivid color theme of my gallery
I chose this piece because it shows the admiration for the beauty of exotic woman Gauguin had. I see it as a celebration of feminine beauty. The vivid colors match the theme of the exhibition.
The colors are bright, It shows a city in a playful way we're not used to see. You feel like you really want to live there. The color of the night contrasts beautifully with the colorful buildings.
The beauty and finess of this painting is touching. You can see the painter is fascinated by all this abundance of beautiful flowers appearing in front of his very eyes. Beautiful choice of colors.
This cloud of butterflies matches the warm colors used for this piece. It really gives an eerie feeling and hopeful vision of an empty architectural space. Having no human subject is a bold choice.
I see it as a homage of what is surrounding us and about what we have no control over. It really matches the gallery with its mix of deep and bright colors.
The city feels spaghetti like and so playful. The colors really make you want to participate in the life this city is emanating. It could be the perfect piece to put on the flyer of the gallery.
The light reflected on the grass and the beautiful browns and oranges really make you feel the warmth of the weather and the love he has for this country and its people. It really celebrates nature.
Even though the colors are a bit darker than the previous paintings, I really like the power of the big warm tones he uses in his piece. It could be a welcome contrast to the gallery.
Here the city made of lines feels alive, moving in all directions, breathing like a human body. I really like his choice of colors and geometrical separation
When you see the size of the fishes, you can see the importance of them in the life of humans. They are holding them like gigantic trophees. It matches well the gallery with its warm colors too.
I like the simplicity of this piece compared to other most complex paintings I have in the exhibition. The colours are really beautiful and celebrate the human body and its capacities.
Summer after dawn, at least it's the impression it gives me. Beautiful deep tones, colors match perfectly with one another, it really celebrates life in summer and all its litlle gifts.
Viva la Vida is really the theme of the gallery, it celebrates the vivid colors and the excitement of all this abundance of colors and gifts nature give us. I really like her positive phrase.
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