Evolution of artistic styles and movements during the modern Era

This gallery focuses on showing the major changes in painting styles during the modern era as seen in human form.  This gallery includes the major art style movements such as, neoclassicism, romanticism, realism, impressionism, expressionism, cubism, and surrealsim.  All of these movements started in the western world and impacted western art.  I chose these particular works because they represent the different important styles and movements in art during the modern era.  Each work encompasses the fundamental aspects of the style or movement that it portrays.

I selected this painting, by Jacques-Louis David, because it embodies the neoclassical art style. Neoclassical art draws inspiration from the classical period of ancient Greek and Roman art and culture. This painting draws on Greek mythology as its inspiration.
This sculpture is an example of romanticism. Toward the end of the 18th century romanticism emerged. Romanticism was more of an attitude or characteristic of the subjects in the artwork. Romantic artists focused on inspiring landscapes and extreme human events. This sculpture is my counterpoint piece because the artist used a different material to create the art work. Like the other pieces in this exhibition, this piece incorporates the human form.
This painting is an example of the realistic style that impacted western art. Realism was an art movement which began in the late 19th century. Realist art focuses on depicting everyday things instead of historic or heroic events depicted in neoclassicism and romanticism art.
Monet's painting is an example of the impressionistic style. Impressionism is an art style that emphasizes the outdoors. Many impressionist artists created their paintings en plein air. Impressionists try to capture the essence of the moment.
This painting is an example of expressionism. Expressionism was a large trend in Europe which started in the early 20th century. In expressionist art artists conveys their feelings and emotions through their art. Expressionism can take place using any style for example, Kirchner conveyed his feelings using color in this painting.
The cubism style was used in this painting. Cubism is a movement in the early 20th century that used geometric shapes to create multiple view points. This short video sheds some light on the process of using cubism, as well as, its origin.
This painting is an example of surrealism. Surrealism was an avant garde movement, in the 20th century, to release creativity from the subconscious mind. This painting explores the creativity of the subconscious in the subject matter.
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