Gems From Musee d'Orsay, Paris

Walking in the gathered world of art by Musee d'Orsay, both in real life and in the digital, I here gather my jewels and gems, the highlights that inspire my soul, makes me think or feel, marvel or simple make me feel more alive and connected to the world and humanity. In most of the cases this is not an intellectualized process, but pure instinct that I do not question. My words as reflections are only added later as a reflection and intellectualisation of something very abstract, in an attempt to bring you into my internal world of how I react and see things around us. Welcome to my intimate space.

It is incredible that this was once what Orsay looked like. I can still feel the airy train station athmosphere walking there. Unique and magnificent. Thank goodness it got saved from demolished in the very last minute.
I associate this image found at the museum to the very recreation of the museum itself. The workmen that remade the rooms into beautiful halls for art. A train station might have had wooded floors, but now marble was put in its place.
I remember this image from my junior high school art class book. The teacher explained different elements of it so well that I became interested in art for the first time. Seeing it for real was fantastic for me.
It feels like this image is almost moving and sounding. I hear the music. I feel the breeze. The light glimmering in the glasses. The rustling of fabric. The glances thrown. A time capsule.
When me and my boyfriend were walking in Orsay together I actually became jealous of this statue. I almost became angry at him, even though he barely looked at it. I felt threatened by something that isn't even real.
Yet another image with people hiding in the background. Often behind trees. I wonder what this theme is all about? And why am I drawn to it. I quess I like secrets...
Many years ago, in a melancholy youth, this is exactly the feeling of my days, sitting in solitude at cafes, sighing and longing for something unknown.
In May I and Jonathan are going to go visit Monets garden in Giverny, not far from Paris, and apparently this is what the lillies still look like. That the colors are different there. Hazy.
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