Green As A Representation Of Personality

The use of green in clothing to represent different aspects of a human.

In this picture the green dress represents the elegance as well as the mystery of the woman's personality.
In this painting, the green in the wings represents that even though the women have wings that give them freedom they are still in contact with the earth and the nature.
I love the way in which this dress contrasts with the other person's clothing and in some way shows the difference between their personalities.
Just like in some cases the green can represent royalty is can also be in more casual clothing.
The woman on this painting is wearing a green gown that shows her royalty but also depression in a way.
In this piece the green is a darker shade which may represent calmness but the expression on his face tell the opposite.
The use of green for royal clothing transcends cultures and the use in this painting proves that.
The green in this dress symbolizes earthiness and poverty as opposed to the royalty in other paintings.
This the dark green blends with the rest of the clothing despite the nature of the color.
The green from the background in this painting filters into Kennedy's clothing which could represent how the surroundings of a person can influence their personality.
Despite only being one item, the green on the boy shows hints of his path in life.
In this case the green used seems almost ceremonial. Green is such an unusual color in clothing that also shows that they're special clothes.
This color in this painting stands out due to the contrast between the limited colors used and the green is the main aspect that brings out the rest.
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